Our Service Level Agreement

14th May 2021 - An update to Intermediaries regarding our service level agreement (SLAs)

Currently, our service level agreement (SLA) between intermediaries and our mortgage team is up to 7 working days in response to any mortgage applications following the application fee being paid.

This is in reflection of our current service capabilities. This is fluid and can change frequently. Any changes will be communicated here.

To help us with the process and our service level capabilities, please ensure you have provided all the necessary information to us with your application. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.

Here are five golden rules which can help us process your application quicker:

  1. Please complete the whole application clearly and concisely, blanks cause confusion and more questions.
  2. If at all possible, please supply all the documentary information with the application, it saves valuable time for all parties.
  3. Let’s talk and keep open communication that helps both of us to manage customer expectations.
  4. Furlough Staff - Please inform us if the borrower(s) have been furloughed. We will require details of this prior to submission of the full application. This should include the date furlough started and the effect on earnings, whether the applicant has returned to work and if their income has returned to their regular salary. We will accept a letter from employer, 3 months’ payslips confirming return to full income and previous P60. A minimum of 3 full payments must be in place before completion.
  5. Payment Holidays - Please note we will be asking for a proof of a minimum 3 full mortgage payments being made before we would consider applications. Payments must be made from their income (not assistance from third party) and traceable to their current bank accounts as direct debit or Standing Order

We will keep you updated should our situation change, you can contact our BDMs below;

Jean Errington, Business Development Manager, Tel: 07483 310314 Email: jerrington@harpendenbs.co.uk

Graeme Aitken, Business Development Manager, Tel: 07483 310334 Email: gaitken@harpendenbs.co.uk

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