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Everyone’s needs are different, hence the process of getting the right mortgage can appear tedious and complicated at times. This complexity can be compounded further when questions like employment situation, income sources and property type are raised. Simply, the right mortgage is the one that is best for your own personal circumstances. We are here to help solve these complex issues and find the right solutions for you.

Here at Harpenden, our mortgages are individually underwritten, that way we get to completely understand your specific circumstances and allows us to provide mortgages that meet your needs. We welcome a variety of different circumstances so if you feel your situation is unique, Harpenden are here to help.

We deal exclusively with intermediaries; therefore, we advise new mortgage customers to obtain independent mortgage advice. This approach is designed to ensure you receive the most appropriate mortgage advice across the market and is part of our continued commitment to responsible lending. When you have found the property you want, speak with your mortgage advisor and discuss your financial situation with them.

If you do not already know an independent mortgage advisor, or you wish to check that the advisor you are dealing with is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can search the Financial Services register here:

Why Harpenden?

  • individual150

    We take an individual approach to your application

    • An individually-assessed, common-sense approach using good judgment and sound lending practice
    • Our team are extremely knowledgeable about our criteria and well versed on complex applications.
    • Repayment, Interest-only or a combination of both

  • flexible150

    We take a flexible view on the merits of your case

    • We look at the overall quality of your application, we don’t just focus on ‘what’s wrong with it’
    • No upper age restriction
    • Up to 4 borrowers per application
    • We want to say yes!

  • income150

    We look at many types of income when assessing affordability

    • We lend to people who are employed, self-employed, retired and contractors
    • Salary, bonus and commission
    • Pension, drawings, dividends, rental income, investment income, trust income and maintenance

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 

If you fail to keep up with payments on your mortgage a 'Receiver of Rent' may be appointed and your rental property, or other property used as security, may be repossessed.

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