The PDF document below describes how the three main credit reference agencies Callcredit, Equifax and Experian, (also called “credit reference agencies” or “CRAs” in this document) each use and share personal data (also called ‘bureau data’) they receive about you and/or your business that is part of or derived from or used in credit activity.

Please note:  you shouldn’t think of this document as a complete record of all the personal data each CRA may hold and process, as each has a number of different business functions running through it. To find out more about each CRA’s other businesses, services and personal data processing, go to the website links provided at Section 14 below.

This document answers these questions:

  1. Who are the credit reference agencies and how can I contact them?
  2. What do credit reference agencies use personal data for?
  3. What are the credit reference agencies’ legal grounds for handling personal data?
  4. What kinds of personal data do credit reference agencies use, and where do they get it?
  5. Who do credit reference agencies share personal data with?
  6. Where is personal data stored and sent?
  7. How long is personal data kept for?
  8. Do the credit reference agencies make decisions about me or profile me?
  9. What can I do if I want to see the personal data held about me? Do I have a ‘data portability’ right in connection with my bureau data?
  10. What can I do if my personal data is wrong?
  11. Can I object to the use of my personal data and have it deleted?
  12. Can I restrict what the credit reference agencies do with my personal data?
  13. Who can I complain to if I’m unhappy about the use of my personal data?
  14. Where can I find out more?
  • Credit Reference Agency Information


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