Valuation Fee

We strongly recommend you obtain a detailed survey from an independent and qualified surveyor.

If you are having a Building Survey or Home Buyers Survey, please let us know full details of the surveyor.  We may be able to instruct the same surveyor to carry out a valuation on our behalf, which may reduce your costs.

The valuation fees in the table below apply.  These are for a basic valuation on behalf of the Society which is solely for the use of the Society in assessing the adequacy of the proposed security for mortgage purposes and in determining the amount (if any) to be advanced on mortgage.

The valuation fee is payable by you to the Society, who will instruct the valuation on your behalf. Once we have fully assessed your mortgage application.  Once the valuation has been carried out the fee is non-refundable.  Should you choose to have the valuation instructed prior to a full application approval, you would do so at your own risk.  The fee again would not be refundable should your application not proceed for any reason.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 

If you fail to keep up with payments on your mortgage a 'Receiver of Rent' may be appointed and your rental property, or other property used as security, may be repossessed.

Purchase price/valuation of property: Fee inc. VAT
£150,000 - £299,999 £250
£300,000 - £399,999 £350
£400,000 - £499,999 £400
£500,000 - £599,999 £450
£600,000 - £699,999 £500
£700,000 - £799,999 £550
£800,000 - £899,999 £600
£900,000 - £999,999 £650
£1,000,000 - £1,199,999 £700
£1,200,000 - £1,399,999 £840
£1,400,000 - £1,599,999 £955
£1,600,000 - £1,799,999 £1,105
£1,800,000 - £1,999,999 £1,305
£2,000,000  £1,500
£2,000,000+ Negotiable
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