St. Dominic School Pupils Paint Smiles on Society Faces

Overwhelmed by the appreciation of the children at St. Dominic Primary,
Harpenden Building Society received thanks for rolling up their sleeves
and painting the school dining hall.

St Dominic Pupil’s brought smiles to the faces of the Society’s staff, as they witnessed them
perform a concert about ‘Love’, before being invited on stage to receive thanks for painting
the school dining hall. The Society’s Head of Operations, Phil Bannister received flowers and
a handmade card from one of the pupils who presented on behalf of the school.

Rolling up the sleeves

Harpenden Building Society’s very first community volunteering scheme initiative involved
twelve employees sanding, stripping and re-painting St. Dominic school dining hall walls
over the course of two working days. The Society gave their support to help former School
Head, Liz O’Brien, achieve a transformational parting gift for her pupils.

New Acting Head, Clare O’Sullivan, coordinated the thank you presentation. Clare said “We
would like to thank the volunteers from Harpenden Building Society who have generously
given of their time to help us transform our dining room. It has certainly enhanced the dining
experience for our pupils.”

“The dining hall looks brilliant, and very grown up. It is like
being in a restaurant! We are all taking care to keep it like
this.” – Pupil, St. Dominic Primary School, Harpenden

More to come

Harpenden Building Society’s Chief Executive, Carl Astley said “It’s brilliant to feel so
appreciated at this early stage of our volunteering venture. Many thanks to St Dominic’s for
the opportunity to help make a difference. We’re delighted this new and modernised
environment can now be enjoyed by every pupil within the School.”

Carl continued, “Although our volunteering scheme is relatively new, we have enjoyed a
great sense of achievement so far. Our modest contribution to St. Dominic School is just part
of the Society’s ongoing work to continue our community focus. We hope to provide more
hands on support within the communities we serve.”