UK Savings Week - Useful Resources

With the current cost of living crisis, you might not be in a position to save right now. If you do need help to manage your money, these organisations are ready to offer expert, impartial advice and resources. Below also are a range of recommended UK personal finance podcasts which we feel are worth a listen to.

Money Helper

Free and impartial money and pensions guidance.

National Debtline

Giving free independent debt advice.

Step Change

Expert debt advice and fee-free management.

Take Five

Impartial advice that helps prevent email, phone based and online fraud. Particularly where criminals impersonate trusted organisations.

Citizens Advice

Assisting people with legal, debt, consumer housing and more


Below are a range of UK personal finance podcast that are worth a listen to.

  • Money Box- The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.

  • The UK Personal Finance Show- This podcast is designed to help people make money matters more understandable and straightforward.

  • Financial Wellbeing- Actor and writer David Lloyd and financial planner Chris Budd talk about happiness, money and how to use one to make the other. 

  • All Things Money Podcast- A personal finance podcast that is here to help kickstart your financial literacy journey. Light hearted and chatty conversations covering a wide range of different personal finance topics.

  • The Money Compass- The Money Compass Podcast will help you unravel the world of Personal Finance and navigate your way to financial freedom.

  • Maven Money Personal Finance Podcast- The UK's premier personal finance show. Sharing wealth creation and creative financial planning strategies.

  • The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast- Pete Matthew discusses and explains all aspects of your personal finances in simple, everyday language.

  • In Her Financial Shoes Podcast- This personal finance podcast is for women, including female entrepreneurs to learn personal finance, money mindset & practical money management tips to be financially confident and build wealth. 

  • The Money To The Masses Podcast- Damien Fahy of talks to Andy Leeks about money. Broken down into four easy to digest sections, Damien and Andy discuss the subjects that matter most. Whether it is how to save it, make it, or spend it, Damien has the answers to all of the important questions.

  • The Retirement Cafe- Full of information, tips, and guidance, The Retirement Café personal finance Podcast helps you address the challenges and opportunities that arise so you can live a fulfilling retirement.

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